About Me

An artist with a passion for life and boundless imagination.

Hello ! I am Laura, a digital artist, and graphic designer. I create all types of twisted, yet beautiful works of art. Abstract art is probably one of my favorite as it is formless and there is no right or wrong because this type of art just "is".

I'm on a mission to create beautiful and unique artworks with my own style and to help people see the beauty that lies all around us. All I can say is that if you like unique, weird and awesome, you are most likely in the right place.

Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have been able to spark emotion in my viewers. Whether it is happiness, melancholy, depression (not really, just exaggerating on this one), excitement or whatever feeling it is you have, then that makes me damn happy and that's when I can say "mission accomplished".

Do I do art just for money? eh. NO.

So you know how it is in our nature to sleep and eat because it simply is a need and it's something you just have to do? That's how it is with me when it comes to art. It's just something I have to do.

For example, drawing on the tables while I was in the middle of a lecture in college, that was a need or else I would've been dead a long time ago. Thankfully, I am not.

Art has really saved my life many times. Being very serious now, painting my deepest emotions and inner world has helped me reflect on who I am and understand myself better.

My art helps me gain a better perspective of myself, situations and life itself. It's something really beautiful, quite hard to explain. On the happier side, I always adored how I would get to brag at my artistic talents while I was in elementary, middle and high school. (Maybe even college as well but I had to pretend I didn't like my art to not seem like an asshole.)

Okay well, that's enough with my silly stories.

Thanks for reading and feel more than welcomed to look at my work 🙂

-Laura (AKA RainbowChildArt)

And this, this is me


And these three girls are my favorite band BABYMETAL

.Babymetal wallpaper

They are the most energetic, happiest metal band on planet earth.

And this photo just makes me happy.

Man holding a puppy as a gift for a child